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FAQs Prospective Students


How do I apply for Housing?
Log on your MyCSU account to access the MyHousing Page.

How do I contact Residence Life? or 937-376-6386

What is my mailing address?

Your Name

Your Residence Hall-Room #

Central State University

P O Box 1005

Wilberforce, OH 45384

(Any variation from this address will delay your mail)

Where do I pick up my mail?
Students should pick up all mail and packages from the University Logistics Center located in Simpson Hall. Students must have their student ID when picking up packages from Shipping and Receiving.

What size bedding (including mattress pad) should I bring?
Regular twin size

Is there cable and internet service included in each room?
Yes. You will need to bring a cable cord and a CAT 5 Ethernet cord.

How do I gain entrance into my residence hall and room?
All students are assigned CSU ID cards that will allow them entrance into the hall in which they are assigned. Each student assigned to a residence hall will have a key assigned to them at check in. (Lost Key Cost: $50.00/$100.00 Per Key & Replacement I.D Card replacement $25.00)

Can I bring a refrigerator and microwave?
Yes. The refrigerator should be no larger than 4.0 CU FT and the microwave should be no larger than 900 Watt (Remember to bring a serge protector)

What type of furniture is provided?
All students are provided the following:

Twin size bed


Wardrobe/Closet Space

Desk and Chair

How do I access important University information?
All students are given an email account, which can be accessed through MyCSU. MyCSU will allow you to register for classes, get important University information, and email your classmates and professors.

Is the University responsible for any personal property damage?
No. Students should have renters insurance or have their parents/guardian look into their insurance policy for coverage. The University is not responsible for personal property.

Where do I eat on campus?
There are several dining locations on campus.

Sodexo Marketplace

WOW Café

Subway Connection

Can I reduce or remove my meal plan?
No, all students with less than 61 credit hours must have a meal plan.

Should I apply as soon as the application opens?
Many students are excited to begin their journey as a Marauder and want to take care of details such as this as soon as the application opens. We encourage new students to do this, in efforts of receiving priority housing selection. Timeslots for room selection will be given based on the time in which the housing application is submitted.

What does the application entail? 

Complete the housing application by agreeing to the Housing Terms and Conditions

Complete your personnel preference profile

Review and Select Dining Plan

Review information regarding Next Steps and the University immunization policy 

You will not select your room until after the application closes for priority housing selection on May 15. Information on room selection is sent to your MyCSU email address in late spring.

When will I get a housing assignment?

Room selection takes place May 20- approx. June 30 

Room selection is a self-assignment process (similar to selecting concert seats). Each student assigns themselves to a room once they have been given a timeslot and access to the room selection pool. 

Housing applications received after the priority deadline, May 15, are not eligible for self-selection. These housing assignments will be manually processed by the Residence Life office roughly mid-July.

How will I know what my assignment time slot is?
The Office of Residence Life will process room selection time slots during the week of May 15. You will receive an email notification in your MyCSU once your time slot has been generated.

Note - Only students who have completed all of the following are eligible for time slots:

Completed the Housing Application

Paid the New Student Confirmation Fees

If you are or were under 18 years of age at the time of application, confirm that your parent/guardian (proxy) has signed the housing agreement. If you have turned 18 since the application was initially submitted, you do not have to wait for a proxy signature; simply log back into the application and you will automatically be prompted to accept the terms of the housing agreement.

Why is payment required during the housing application?
The payment that is required during the housing application are non-refundable application fees.

Housing Application: $60

Room Reservation: $135

Matriculation Fee: $105

Your application is not complete until this payment has been made.

How do I select a roommate?
The MyHousing provides an opportunity to answer some questions about your preferred living environment, as well as create a profile and search through other students looking for roommates.

When can I expect a response to my phone or email inquiry?
Our goal is to provide an response within 48hrs to your call or email.

If we experience an abnormally high volume of calls and email inquiries during the first few weeks of the application process:

We appreciate your patience while we work diligently to respond to inquiries during this busy time. If you have left a callback request on our phone system, be assured you will remain in the queue until we have contacted you.

Annual Housing Timeline

The application for University Housing and other related deadlines follow a cycle each year. The table below is intended to help you plan, whether you are still deciding to come to Central State University, you've already confirmed admission, you're transferring or you're a current resident.

Overview by Week of Calendar Month

Month, Week Activity or Deadline

January, Week 2: Space Change Request reopen for spring semester

February, Week 3: Spring break extended stay housing request form opens

March, Week 1: Housing application opens for next academic year

March, Week 4: Summer semester housing application opens for current academic year

May, Week 2: Housing priority deadline for freshmen / new residents (applications received after this date are not guaranteed)

May Week 4 through June week 4: Freshman room selection

August, Week 3: Move-in for fall semester

August, Week 4: Space Change requests* open for fall

October, Week 3: Spring semester housing application opens for current academic year, continues through spring semester

October, Week 4: Winter break extended stay request form opens

Can I select housing without submitting my immunization records?
Yes, you can. However, All New and Transfer students who do not properly submit their shot and immunization records by August 1, 2020 will forfeit their previously selected housing assignment.

All new and transfer students are required to register with Med+Proctor to submit health and immunization information and a current physical. Please do not submit these items directly to the CSU Health and Wellness Center. Med+Proctor manages all of this.

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