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Contingency Plan – Maintaining Access from a Distance

At this time, all face-to-face courses at Central State University have moved to remote and online delivery for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. During this time, the Office of Academic Empowerment & Accessibility will remain available for our students, faculty, and staff and can be contacted by email, phone, or through a scheduled meeting during “virtual office hours!”

To connect with OAEA during virtual office hours, click below to select a time!

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Frequently Asked Questions
The following is a brief list of frequently asked questions that can assist you during the transition toward online learning for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester: Please click the question for the answer.


1. "I received academic accommodations when I was on campus earlier this semester. Do I have to request accommodations again since all instruction is going online?"


2. "I didn’t have academic accommodations before I left the campus, but now that all of my classes are online, I may need some help. What should I do?"


3. "If I become ill due to getting coronavirus, am I able to request academic accommodations?"


4. "As a faculty member, I’m not sure how to adapt assessment tools to fit the online modality. How can I implement remote/online accommodations for students?"


Should you have any questions, concerns or if you would like to schedule a time to connect during virtual office hours connect with OAEA today!

Jaton Brame
ADA Compliance Coordinator
E: | O: 937-376-6479

Since all staff are working remotely, please be sure to leave a message to receive a return call!

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