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Settling In

Settling In

Because more than 1,000 residents will populate university housing over the course of a few days, each resident is assigned a specific day and time to move in. Floors in most residence halls are further assigned to either morning or afternoon arrival times.

When You Arrive

  1. Report to the check-in area in the Norman E. Ward, Senior Center Ballroom. Be sure to have your current class schedule and student ID for your residence-hall assignment.
  2. You will be asked to complete a Room Condition Report - an inventory of your new room’s condition.
  3. You will receive your room key.
  4. When checking in to your residence hall, unload your belongings directly onto the side walk area.
  5. Parking in front of the halls is limited; stay with your belongings while someone else moves the vehicle to the lot reserved for move-in.

If you intend to arrive later than the designated move-in dates, you must notify the Office of Residential Life. Email your intended arrival date to Residential Life at before the semester begins. Failure to do so will place you in no-show status and jeopardize your room assignment.

It is not possible to move in earlier than stated. Campus maps and driving directions to each residence hall and our Central State University sponsored housing sites can be found online.

Move-In Help

Resident advisors and volunteers will provide directions and assistance while you move into housing while distributing room keys and important documents.

We recommend bringing family or friends to assist you. Carts will be available to help you move your belongings. Using carts will require the borrower to leave a valid means of identification, such as a driver’s license or a student ID, as a security deposit. If you fail to return your cart, you will be billed for its replacement.

Please note that carts are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Carts are limited by building. Based on demand, carts may not be immediately available.

Making The Most Of Move-In Day

Once you’re unpacked, we encourage you to harness the momentum of move-in and dive into campus life. Be sure to do the following:

Move-In Dates and Time

Students will be required to log in to MyHousing to retrieve their official move-in date and time along with confirming their housing assignment.

The move-in schedule (refer to page 6) is only a general overview of our full schedule and not specific for student move-in. Students will need to access their MyHousing portal to retrieve housing assignment and cross reference their residence hall assignment with the designated move-in dates.

The MyHousing portal is Central State University’s online network for all on-campus housing procedures, residential services and information. It’s your first stop in taking charge of your on-campus experience.

Log in to MyCSU account and click on Handle Your Business to find the MyHousing portal. The MyHousing portal includes:

To find other housing resources, such as the Living and Learning Guide and important dates, visit the MyHousing Portal.