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Getting To Know Your Roommate

We strongly suggest you contact your roommate(s) before you arrive at Central State University - you'll have a lot to discuss and coordinate. You and your roommate(s) might become friends right away, or it might take some time; connecting before Move-In can make things easier when you begin living together.

You might try to talk about:

Roommates will not agree on everything - and that's okay! You will build a foundation for a good year together with a basic understanding of each other's needs. We encourage you to complete a roommate agreement within the first few days of Move-In to establish mutual consideration of roommate preferences.

The Resident Advisors (RAs) on your floor can also help you and your roommate(s) transition to life at Central State. RAs are students who live with you in the residence halls and are trained to assist roommates with concerns or conflicts.

Sometimes room or roommate assignments may change from your initial assignment due to cancellations. Check your MyHousing Portal throughout the summer for up-to-date assignment, roommate, and Move-In information. Room changes will not be honored prior to the first room change period.