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Interfaith Campus Ministry


Interfaith Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at Central State University is a cooperative ecumenical ministry supported by a consortium of denominations and local churches. We are open to students, staff, faculty, and administrators of all faith traditions and welcome those that are seeking to understand spirituality!

What Is InterFaith Campus Ministry?

InterFaith Campus Ministry is designed to support a variety of teaching, worshiping, and service ministries for students, faculty, and staff at Central State University. Promoting acceptance of diverse faiths, traditions, and cultures, Interfaith provides a faith-based atmosphere where people can explore and grow in their beliefs while developing an appreciation for the beliefs of others.

Why InterFaith Campus Ministry?

InterFaith believes that since learning and discovery are the paramount purposes for all students, every entity on campus must be an active participant in the learning and discovery that each student engages in each day. It is in that spirit that we seek to inform students, faculty, and administrators about all faith traditions and try to stimulate a dialogue where religious engagement and tolerance can begin. We believe this is an essential aspect of the development and engagement of young adults’ minds.

Campus ministries have the unique opportunity to make connections between churches, institutions of higher education, and the community; helping young people as they matriculate through college to be service and community-minded while defining their faith. This may be the most important contribution of campus ministry in our day.

For more information, please call 937-689-4715