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Marauder Incentives for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Marauders Vax-A-Win Program
The Marauders Vax-A-Win Program offers students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to win incentives. To win, click to complete the form.

Contact us at
All Vax-A-Win winners are chosen at random every Monday and Thursday. You must be fully vaccinated OR have begun the vaccination process, OR have an approved exemption at the time of the drawing. 
Some incentives include:
• Discount or free tuition**
• Discount or free housing and/or dining**
• Marauder paraphernalia
• Marauder Bucks
• First pick in housing lottery for spring 2022 (first 10 spaces to 10 people)
• Reserve parking spaces (five)
• $100 - $1,000 cash prizes
• Private dinner with President Thomas or members of the Board 
• Private dinner in glass enclosure of Marauder Dining Room. The winner chooses the menu.
• Private dinner in glass enclosure in The University Student Center, Room 203. The winner chooses the menu and has up to 10 guests at dinner
• Free laundry services for the year (average costs of laundry with money added to card monthly)**
• iPads
• Gift cards
• Free movie on big screen TV with refreshments for winner and five friends. The winner keeps TV and movie.
• Free game night in the USC Game Room for winner and five friends**
• Feature in Central State University marketing video
• Single room in MPC (able to choose suitemate if the room is two-person)**
• Special section reserved at future football and/or basketball games with refreshments (could be a season seat or seats for up to four)

** student incentive
Central State University Vax-A-Win Winners:

VIP Football Tickets
Stacey Kowlaski
Jeff Choi
Katie Taylor
Sheresa Brown
CSU Bookstore Gift Card
Mildred Smith
Bryana Hines
Electric Scooter
Lillian Sanni
Laverne Wallace
Visa Gift Cards
Sadavia Patrick
Carolyn Sanders
Shelia Brown
Nasra Kombo