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Insurance Waiver Information

How do I submit the application to waive health insurance?

a. Please have your health insurance wallet card or a cell phone photo of it available.

b. Go to (Wellfleet site).

c. Follow instructions carefully for submitting requested information.

• Make sure to choose Central State University.

• Only use your myCSU email address and not a personal one.

• You also will be asked for your student ID number.

• Other information is found on the front or back of your insurance card.

d. Please carefully review the information you entered prior to hitting submit.

e. Approval of the waiver is dependent on Wellfleet receiving correct data to verify your eligibility to waive (opt out of) the student health insurance.

f. You will receive an individual confirmation code after you submit the application. Print copy, screen shot, or take a picture of this confirmation for your records. You will also receive an email directly from the insurance company. These items are proof that you successfully completed the waiver application process. Remember to check your myCSU email.

NOTE: Parents may complete the application if you are under 18.