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Important information about waiving Student Commercial Health Insurance for Fall semester 2019

All registered full-time students enrolled at Central State University (CSU) are automatically enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan unless proof of other comparable insurance coverage is provided by completing the online waiver. This Health Insurance Plan is compliant with the Affordable Care Act. This plan is required by Central State University for all full-time students who are not covered under their family’s health/ hospitalization plan, an individual health plan or Medicaid accepted in Ohio.

If you are a new incoming or transfer student for the fall 2019 semester, then you may select to Waive or Opt-Out of the Student Health Insurance if covered by a Parental Insurance policy. If you waive the insurance (don’t keep it), you must pay for your own medical expenses.

Instructions to waive health insurance - Deadline September 5, 2019!

  1. You will need information available on your health insurance card:  Name of insurance, Member ID#, Group ID #, address, telephone #.
  2. Use your myCSU email address when submitting the application.
  3. Go to
  4. Select College Student Insurance.
  5. From the drop down box, select Central State University ONLY. Do not select any other option.
  6. Click on the green waive coverage bar.
  7. Check the box that says, "I certify I have required coverage."
  8. You will then be asked to fill in the required information needed to waive. When that is done, please review the form to make sure all information entered is correct. You are responsible for what is entered on the form.
  9. Check the box that says “I am not a robot” then select, "submit waiver."
  10. Please print a copy or screen shot or take a picture of the waiver confirmation for your records.