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Student Emergency Aid Project


Student Emergency Aid Project

Program Purpose

CSU Project Success Student Emergency Aid Program (Dreamkeepers) provides assistance to students at risk of dropping out of college due to unexpected financial emergencies. The CSU Project Success Student Emergency Aid Program was created to help students stay in college and meet their educational goals, ultimately, securing a better financial future.


Student Eligibility Requirements

Eligible students need to:

  1. Have an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of 7000 or less
  2. Provide documentation of the financial emergency
  3. Must be degree-seeking, meeting satisfactory academic progress as defined by federal financial aid guidelines;
  4. Students must be have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  5. For new students, without a CSU GPA, they will need to have their academic advisor complete a brief Academic Progress Document verifying they are meeting satisfactory progress based on interim grade reporting.
  6. Will be connected to Community Financial Resources and/or Financial Aid training. (Based upon situation)

Students may receive only one emergency grant through this program, per academic year of no more than $500.00.

Assistance is granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability or national origin.

Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

Eligible Expenses Include:

Ineligible Expenses Include:

Child care





Entertainment expenses



Medical/Dental expenses

Legal fees

Personal automobile expenses


Public transportation/bus pass




Child care

Account Creation and Application Submission

  1. Interested students must create an online account and submit an application at the Scholarship America website.
  2. You will go to: to access the Central State University Dream Keepers application portal.
  3. As a new user, you will create an account to begin the application process. (See page below sample.)
  4. Follow directions to create your account. Once completed, you are ready to begin creating and submitting your application.  Submit and complete the information requested on each of the tab pages. Be sure to save each page of your application.
  5. Documents to support the students request (bills or estimates, etc.) are required (electronically uploaded or emailed) to complete their application. Details found within the application portal. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  6. Once your application and accompanying documents have been properly submitted the Project Success Student Emergency Aid Committee will receive your application for review determination and processing.
  7. Upon receipt of your completed application, you will receive an email from the program indicating receipt of your application and any next steps based upon your application and issue.
  8. All applications will receive a response for the committee within 48 business hours.
  9. You may contact Ms. Duckett at (937) 376-6387 with questions.