On behalf of the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Division, we are delighted to welcome you to Central State University!

First and foremost, student well-being is our highest priority at Central State, and it is our desire to establish a partnership with you by working together to help you realize your goals and aspirations. Students are the reason we are here. We understand that, and we ask for your patience, support and advice as we continue to work to provide a quality educational experience.

It is important for you to know that Central State students are recognized as more than just a number or consumer. Your growth and development is a life-long learning process and not something that is temporary or short lived. All of the services we provide in Student Affairs and Enrollment Management will address this fact.

Being a part of your community adds new experiences and enhances a student's education and life. The community is a living and learning environment full of "Teachable moments". It teaches valuable lessons about self and others that cannot be fully taught in the classrooms or found in textbooks. Some lessons must be lived. It is our role in Student Affairs to assure that these experiences do not merely supplement your college experience; rather, they are substantial and a significant part of the college education in and of itself.

At Central State, we tell our students that in addition to excellence in the classroom, there is another side of the University experience that will shape their lifestyles and values. We remind students that some things are not for sale – like core values of decency, hard work, integrity, a sense of right and wrong, and treating others the way you want to be treated.

We are happy that you have chosen to receive your higher education at Central State University. The Student Affairs and Enrollment Management staff and I look forward to working with you throughout this school year and others to follow.

Division Office: (937) 376-6387


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